Oliver Dickinson

director       camera operator       editor


Born in London in 1980, Oliver Dickinson is an Anglo-French documentary maker. Director of films with a social or ecological message: The Forgotten District, Caring for the Lagoon, Harvesters of the Bay... His cinematographic style has been recognised by more than 100 festival selections in 45 countries and he has received over twenty film awards.

Some festival selections :

  1. -Green Film Festival of Seoul, South Korea     Where the hills are greener

  2. -Portland Earth Day Film Festival (Grand Prix)      Where the hills are greener

  3. -Lužianky International Agrofilm Festival, Slovakia (Jury Award)      Where the hills are greener

  4. -Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, Malaysia      Where the hills are greener

  5. -Tartu World Film Festival, Estonia     Harvesters of the Bay

  6. -Tehran Cinéma Vérité Documentary Film Festival, Iran      Harvesters of the Bay

  7. -Mûrs-Érigné Nature Film Festival, France (Best Film & Jury Award)      Harvesters of the Bay

  8. -Warsaw FilmAT Film Festival, Poland (Grand Prix of Ecology)      Caring for the Lagoon

  9. -Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival, Qatar (Best Film nominee)      Caring for the Lagoon

  10. -Zagreb International Tourfilm Festival, Croatia (Silver)      The Forgotten District

  11. -Lille Ecollywood Film Festival, France (Cousteau Award)      Caring for the Lagoon

  12. -Nova Friburgo SocioEnvironmental Film Festival, Brazil      Caring for the Lagoon


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